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Who is it for?

Teachers with at least one year experience and interested in teaching Very Young Learners and Young Learners, and professionals interested in improving their teaching skills and knowledge about this specific age group (2 to 12 years old). In this course, teachers will also be able to prepare themselves for the TKT YL by Cambridge Assessment.

Teaching Young Learners Course: Events


This course aims at providing teachers with a wide repertoire of techniques and practical activities, such as games, songs, books and videos that will make your classes more enjoyable and productive. It intends to develop participants' understanding of children's language acquisition and awareness of how you can manage and plan your classes according to their age, based on theories and different approaches, but mainly on real practice in ELT.

Teaching Young Learners Course: Academics

Course Outline

The course is run entirely online by qualified tutors. In Module I, there is one pre-session to GTK each other, 5 video-tasks, 5 compulsory synchronous meetings and asynchronous tasks in which participants are strongly encouraged to take part in order to make the most of the course. There are also some collaborative tasks which require participants to work closely with each other.
Participants must submit a course portfolio comprising a set of compulsory tasks to be externally moderated as well as an end-of-course reflection.
The grading of the course is Pass or Fail.
A certificate will be awarded upon completion of 80% of the course tasks and the final project.

Teaching Young Learners Course: Academics

Course Content

This Teaching Young Learners Course covers the following topics:

  • Characteristics of YLs and Language Acquisition of L2.

  • Consideration before teaching: appropriate language and activities.

  • Essential skills for the YL Teacher.

  • Classroom Management: how to create a lesson plan using different approaches.

  • Games for different purposes and skills: Listening-Speaking, Reading-Writing.

  • Dealing with emotions: tantrums, bad behavior, crying and others.

  • The importance of playing in child development and learning: Learning inside and outside the classroom.

  • Suitable activities for each age group.

  • Working with songs and other resources.

  • How to tell and retell stories in a fun and meaningful way. 

  • Producing and using puppets.

  • Strengthening bonds between teacher and students.

  • Reflection about assessing YLs.

  • TKT Preparation - YL Module

  • TKT Preparation - YL Module - Mock Test

Teaching Young Learners Course: Academics


Coming soon!

Teaching Young Learners Course: Schedule

Suggested Material

An Introduction to Teaching English to Children

Five-Minute Activities for Young Learners


In order to take part in this course, students must:

  • have access to broadband Internet connection

  • have the Zoom Web App installed to their computer

  • have a webcam and headphones.

Teaching Young Learners Course: Academics
Teaching Young Learners Course: Team Members
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YL Specialist

Alessandra Machado has been an EFL teacher for over 18 years with vast experience working with Kids, Teens and Adults. Committed educator who gives her best in all classes she teaches. Her main field of interest is working with Very Young Learners and Young Learners, as well as develop materials and games for this age group. She holds a B.A. in Languages (English & Portuguese), the CELTA and the CAE certificates, and other specific certifications, such as the English in Early Childhood: Language Learning and Development from the British Council; Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching from Lancaster University.


Get to know the team behind the Teaching Young Learners Course.

Teacher and Pupil


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Teaching Young Learners Course: Academics

I have been teaching young learners for 3 years now and it has always been a big challenge for me. Children demand a lot from teachers: creativity, availability, presence, affection. So I felt the need to improve myself to help my students learn and be motivated and curious about English. Teaching Young Learners course has encouraged me as a teacher to improve my classes by exploring important learning resources for young learners such as storytelling and songs. It has also made me aware of the different moments in a lesson and how to link all of them to help students’ acquisition. I was able to use the final task of the course in my classroom and I had wonderful results! We also had great tutors to guide us through the course who were always available to help us. I recommend this course for those teachers of YL who want to improve their teaching skills and like to share their doubts, thoughts, and experiences with others.

Carolina Gonçalves

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